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Wednesday 1 May 2013

May's Classic French Challenge

When I agreed to host this month's Classic French challenge for Jen over at Blue Kitchen Bakes, I had a long hard think for a theme for all of ooo... three seconds! I wanted to chose something that was first and foremost French (obviously), but secondly would give us all the freedom to experiment with flavours and colours to our little hearts content. Having scrolled through the archives on Jen's site to check what had been covered before, I could see that these hadn't been tackled yet, and as a Classic French patisserie treat, I felt compelled to make this the theme for this month's challenge.  If you haven't guessed it yet, May's challenge is of course, Macarons!

I've only made these once before myself, and that was because someone told me they were difficult, and that sounded like a challenge to me! There is definitely a knack, but as long as you are methodical and patient with them they come out just great, and my goodness the taste is always well worth the effort. So for those of you who have never made a macaron, now is the time to give them a go, and for those who have, well let's just see how creative you can all be!

Challenge Rules

  • Please use the logo on your post and tag the post with the label 'Classic French' and include a link to myself at A Kick At The Pantry Door, and to Blue Kitchen Bakes.
  • Please add your entries via the linky at the bottom, enter the name of your dish in the name box. If you don't have a blog or linky doesn't work then email your entries to kickatthepantrydoor@gmail.com including the name of your dish, your name, a photo and a link to your post
  • If you're on Twitter you can also tweet your links to @ThePantryDoor1 and @BlueKitchenBake using the hash tag #ClassicFrench and we will retweet any that we see
  • You can enter as many times as you want and you can enter your post into other challenges as long as it fits in with their rules 
  • You can enter an old post if you want but please update with a link back to my blog and the challenge logo 
  • Don't forget that if the recipe you use is from another source i.e. book/magazine/website/blog to credit the original author.
  • The challenge will run until the 28th of the month.
  • New challenges will be announced on the 1st of each month
  • Above all have fun and use this as an excuse to learn something new and get creative!


  1. You know, I've never even tried eating a macaron let alone have tried making one! I may have to remedy that this month! :) The first time I'd even heard of macarons was when some fellow food bloggers were ranting on twitter about its pronunciation!

    1. I was the same until very recently, but they are most deifintely worthy of the hype! I think they've become such a hit because you can literally make them in every flavour! I can't wait to see what ideas people come up with for this one :-)

  2. Hmm, I'm happy to make macaroons, but not the fancy pants Parisienne ones - mine look a bit more rustic. Is that acceptable?

    1. Of course! All kinds of macarons welcome here! I picked them because they can be so varied :-)


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