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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Product Review: The Craft Company

I recently had the opportunity to review some products from The Craft Company, and unlike a lot of brands that contact bloggers for product reviews, The Craft Company tackled things a little differently, by giving me free reign which products to review from their website, up to a certain value. This in itself was an ingenious move by the team, and I spent a happy couple of hours browsing through their site, and I mean hours! They honestly sell anything you could want to do with cakes, baking and cake decorating. From ready-made cakes and cake toppers, to key ingredients, modelling tools, moulds, cake tins, boards and boxes and stands, they have the perfect products for any level of cake decorator, and to suit any scale of project. After lusting after some gorgeous wedding cake stands, and hovering over a selection of modelling tools that are missing from my collection, I managed to bring myself back to the task in hand, and set about choosing some products to review.

The products I chose I felt were a good selection of the kinds of things on offer from The Craft Company, from ready-made decorations, to the tools to make your own.

Culpitt Ready Made Sugar Daisies - Pack of 12 - £2.30

I chose this product to test, as I make a lot of my own sugar flowers, however it can be quite a fiddly job, not everyone has the time or desire to learn this skill, and sometimes even I am looking for a quick decoration for a batch of cupcakes without getting my decorating kit out and starting to colour and shape petals. I was also keen to judge how well The Craft Company would be able to transport the flowers, as they can be so delicate and fragile. 

All 12 daisies arrived in my kitchen in one piece, and I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised by this! The sugar daisies are a little thicker than I would normally make, which probably explains why they were more robust in transit. The beauty of this product is in their simplicity, all 12 daisies out of their packets and on top of their cupcakes in under a minutes, and you have 12 pretty cupcakes all ready to serve with no fuss or mess at all!

Leopard Print Sugar Sheet - 148mm x 148mm - £2.95

This was the product that I was most looking forward to receiving, as I had never heard of sugar sheets before I browsed the website. Basically, these are a thicker version of rice paper, totally edible, and almost vinyl-like in texture. You can use any metal or plastic cutters on the paper to cut out shapes, to make easy decorations for cupcakes or cakes. I used a small butterfly cutter to make some quick cupcake toppers, but you could equally cut out lettering for a cake for example to get a great instant effect.

These sheets come in a range of colours and patterns, my only word of caution is to plan how to use them well to avoid excess waste from cutting shapes, the sheets aren't very big and could get used quite quickly and therefore become expensive. However, for a quick, hassle-free way to create an impact, this is a great product!

Chocolate Moulds - prices start from £2.35

Chocolate Moulds
The website has a great range of silicone moulds available, which you could use for shaping chocolates either to enjoy on their own, or as great toppers for cupcakes. The silicone moulds are really flexible and adaptable, as well as oven and freezer safe, so you don't need to stop at chocolate either - try coloured or flavoured ice cubes, jellies, mini cakes, or get really clever like these Turkish Delight diamonds I made a while ago!

Disclaimer: The Craft Company sent me a selection of products of my own choice up to a predetermined value. I was not paid to write a review, and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. 

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