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Monday 1 July 2013

July's Breakfast Club Challenge

For a lot of people, and I include myself in that to some extent, 'Continental Breakfast' means the selection at the end of the buffet table in a hotel with a scattering of limp pastries, mini pots of jams, and an industrial sized tub of muesli. Most of my experience of the continental breakfast I will be honest has been in the Brewer's Fayre type eateries attached to Premier Inn's when I've been away on business, although I still vividly remember being three years old, and on an all inclusive holiday in Spain, where the morning slice of ham on toast seemed like the most exotic thing I'd ever eaten, compared to my everyday bowl of Rice Crispies! 

A recent trip to Brussels however for a work conference, introduced me to the heavenly taste of freshly made Belgian Waffles for breakfast, hot off the waffle iron, and dusted in icing sugar, and when I got home I made it my mission to read up on the European idea of breakfast, rather than relying on the British interpretation. And whilst there are some commonalities between each country, you only have to read Wikipedia's page outlining the different types of breakfast from around the world to get a feel for how cultural and climatic differences change what and how people eat breakfast. 

So, for this month's breakfast club, I'd like you to consider not just 'Continental' as a generic label, but some of the regional variations from all around Europe. I'm talking Belgian Waffles, French Pastries, Brioche, Crusty breads with meat and cheeses, German pumpernickel and Russian Pancakes! Let's take this chance to recreate a breakfast from a cherished holiday, tackle a new type of bread, or put a twist on a classic pastry.

As always...

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  1. oooh I do love a continental breakfast... ! great theme x

    1. Thanks Dom! This might just be the month I attempt to make croissants for the first time!

  2. A great theme for this month, I shall get my thinking cap on! :)

    1. Thank Elizabeth! There are so many options with this one, should be really interesting!

  3. I really want to make pain au chocolat... this might be the kick I need to get on with it :)

    1. Ooo yes! Looking forward to seeing those!


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