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Monday, 1 July 2013

July's Forever Nigella Challenge

I. Love. Nigella. In fact, I try and kid myself that we're not all that dissimilar, both unapologetic food addicts with long brunette hair and an ample bosom... in truth, I hope that I have but an ounce of her talent, charm and appeal, but hey a girl can dream. I can be quite an arm chair critic when it comes to cookery shows, although goodness knows I would be terrible myself in front of a camera, however I always loved Nigella's, I think because she always said what I was thinking.

From being a young girl, I remember watching her throw together amazing looking dinner parties and gatherings of friends, that were all about the food and the atmosphere, just great friends in cosy settings, and I hoped that I would be able to recreate this when I had my own home. And whilst I realise now that much of that may have been for the camera (ok I'm slow on the uptake) I still try to make sure there is always good food and drink to hand whenever guest come a-calling.

As July is my birthday month, (not that I ever make a fuss about it at all!!), and in deference to my favourite hostess with the mostest, I'm setting this month's Forever Nigella theme as Party Party Party! I'm throwing this wide open, be it refined dinner party, summer bbq food, big bold beautiful birthday cakes, or nibbles and canapes, anything at all that has a sense of celebration and people coming together is fine by me!

The Rules:
  • The challenge is open until the 28th July, with entries via the linky below, or by emailing the post URL to kickatthepantrydoor@gmail.com
  • You can enter as many posts as you like, the more the merrier!
  • I will endeavour to have the round up live on the 1st August.
  • Linked posts must contain this month's Forever Nigella badge, and contain link backs to this post, and to Forever Nigella creator Sarah at Maison Cupcake.
  • Remember Copyright Please do NOT reproduce Nigells'a recipe verbatim. Say which book it was and/or link to it online. If you have adapted the recipe, i.e. changed at least two of the ingredients or amended the method then it's ok to publish your version of the recipe, but still include the credit back to the original source. Always use your own words. 
  • For a list of Nigella resources for inspiration, check the Forever Nigella page.
  • If you are on twitter, you can tweet a link to myself @ThePantryDoor1 and Sarah @maisoncupcake using #forevernigella, and we will RT all that we see. 


  1. July is my birthday month too so I think this is the perfect theme! I look forward to seeing everyone's entries!

    1. Thanks Sarah and Happy Birthday to you!!!

  2. You've become a host addict! Great theme and I have something to fit it - hooray!

    Happy Birthday - when is / was it?

    1. Tell me about it! Just a little bit of coincidental planning really, should die down again next month! Glad you have something for the theme, was starting to worry that Nigella was being a little neglected! :-( Can't wait to see what you make x

      (p.s. Birthday was the 14th!)

    2. Ahh, a day after my grandmother and a few days after me. July babies are the best. Hope you had a lovely time.


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